Under the graphic overlay, lies the dome array: the muscles of a functioning circuit. Dome arrays are created in such a manner that provides the user with the recognizable, tactile feel. The ‘dome’ – as found in its name – can be made with metal or plastic, depending on the customer’s preference and needs.

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Scrint Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. Jalan PKNK 3/7, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Petani, Sungai Petani, 08000, Kedah, Malaysia,Asia,Earth,World,Global, SCRINT Technology (M) Sdn Bhd established in 1993 specializes in the supply of screen printer electronic component to the electronic industry. We are today one of the leading manufacturer membrane switch in Malaysia. We strive to improve by closely working with the industry and institute of higher education to design, develop, and test new usage of the switches.
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Our manufacturing facility is located in the Sungai Petani, Malaysia which is easily access through Penang International airport, or Penang port. The facility covers a floor space of 12,000sq feet. It is fully equipped to design, produce, and test the full range of our products.

” We take great pride in our team of workforce which consists of forty person. This team is very lean, experienced, and flexible, and we are able to fulfill and exchange job function as and when is required. The average length of service is five years.”
Scrint Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, founded in 1993, has been designing and manufacturing membrane switches, graphic overlays, and dome arrays for over 20 years. We produce durable, reliable, and customized printed electronics for our customers around the world. Our products are being used on heavy-duty equipment in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, maritime, medical, manufacturing, and security industries. Our products can also be found on consumer equipment. At Scrint Technology, we have an efficient and flexible team dedicated to providing only the best products our customers desire. Contact us for assistance or more information.
membrane switch is an electrical on-off switch that is its own category of interface utility. It consists of a screen-printed electrical circuit. It can sometimes include backlighting. A membrane switch is durable and can be aesthetically pleasing.
Capacitive switches work by interfering with the charge flowing through the circuit. By touching the capacitive switch, a change in the capacitance will occur. This sudden change in electrical current will inform the circuit to respond with the correct command. Unlike a membrane switch, capacitive switches are non-tactile.
Sometimes referred to as the membrane switch overlay, a graphic overlay is the interactive layer that guides the end user towards proper use of the product. To be effective, the graphic overlay should be simple yet elegant and engaging yet practical.
Pri V has been a leader in the design and manufacture of membrane switches since the technology was first introduced in the late 1970�s. We have developed a range of processes to meet every requirement from a simple single switch all the way up to fully integrated solutions that demand the highest levels of reliability combined with stringent technology and cosmetic requirements.

Fully Customised Membrane Switches

Our membrane switches are printed with high quality inks in our modern facilities. We have the entire range of overlay materials in different thicknesses and structures. With our computer-assisted colour mixing equipment we can print any design you require in any colour.

We can supply our membrane switches in any construction and design required. The membrane switches are designed with embossed switching domes or in a flat construction. Special metal domes of metal are available in various sizes and different operating forces

Membrane switches are known for their excellent operating characteristic. The outstanding haptics are supported by many embossing types. Qualified parameters ensure a constant and stable embossing of your membrane keypad.

Our Membrane Switch Technologies Are Available in Five Options:

ClickTouch Technology: ClickTouch gives the same feel as a mechanical button, but it is distinguished by its unique V groove combined with a thermoformed polyester overlay.
Tactile Metal Dome Membranes: This product is preferred for its impeccable click response, quick snap, and performance in high-temperature environments.
Silicone Membranes: This switch membrane design offers a hermetic seal, light diffuser, and key actuator in various colors, shapes, and designs.
Capacitive Switch (CapFlex): Thin, flexible, and aesthetically appealing, the capacitive switch is an innovative interface solution for various applications.
Non Tactile Keypads: This product is generally flat and thin and accompanied by an additional visual, auditory, or haptic feedback.
To help ensure you receive a product that will serve you well, we provide various material options including, but not limited, to polycarbonate, polyester, hard-coated, and anti-bacterial.

Apart from the possibility of various materials, we also provide top coats that will give you your desired texture. Such textures include velvet, gloss, matte, and fine.
The Fastest Membrane Switch Prototype Platform
Our business goal is to be the most professional membrane switch manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production to work with in the world.With more than a decade in the field, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. As one of the most experienced membrane switch manufacturers in Malaysia, we pride ourselves to be your best business partners as well as good friends in every aspect of your membrane switch needs. We strive to make your R&D work easy and hassle-free.
Why Us?
By skipping all the middle companies, we are successfully passing the savings and bringing a total satisfaction of membrane switch purchasing experience to our valued customers. That is why 100% of our old customers come to us for their future orders.
Quality is critical in membrane switch production. Our customers choose Scrint.com.my because we ensure that the best final quality membrane switch will be shipped. All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. We have 100+ new customers registered with us every day, and many coming to us as referral from our satisfied customers. Besides the visual check, 100% of the membrane switch will also be tested by appropriate testing machines. Quality is the main factor of word of mouth that helps spread Scrint.com.my around the world.
We have the most user-friendly web-based interaction design in the industry!

You can instantly get the quotation of your membrane switch and graphic overlay, you can also check the order fabrication and processing status online in your account panel with Scrint. After the your membrane switch are sent out to your address, you can track your order shipping status online.

All these online facilities help you better coordinate other works and make everything under control, greatly saving you time and energy traditionally spent in the back and forth email communications and phone conversations.
Whenever you have any problems, you can always reach a live customer service person to respond to your emails or messages. Our service people will follow your orders from the time you submit your file to the minute you receive your membrane switch in a satisfactory mood.
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